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Business Management Testimonials

"I look at Rob as both a business advisor and a trusted confidante. He has connected me with professionals inside the dance and music world to help gain visibility for talent signed to my company, Reverse Spin Entertainment. Rob has worked closely with me to help me get a more complete sense of my business and personal holdings to better leverage myself for success. The only thing he asked is that I partner with him in this process so that he could truly help me succeed. Working with many other well-known personalities has clearly shown Rob that the lights don't go out when the cheering stops. I am happy to call him an business advisor and a friend."

Earl "The Pearl" Monroe
Former NY Knicks Great.


"Rob and I have worked closely on several fronts to create exposure for my clothing design business, "Moodachainz". Rob orchestrated introductions to strategic partners who may ultimately lead to the success of this venture. I am grateful for the expert guidance and help that I was afforded by Rob and his team and can't imagine working without him on critical business issues. Even more so, Rob has proven to be a true friend."

Otis "O.J." Anderson

CEO of Moodachainz

Former NY Giants MVP


Rob Peller is a Champion in his field!!! That allows me to be at my best too!!!

He's not only a Great CPA; He is a Great Friend...

When it comes to Filing taxes etc.. I trust Rob Peller. He's through, detailed, and confident. He's a Champion!!! WOW there is so much to say, 10 years with Rob Peller. He's goes the extra mile in service...And he is concerned about my success.

Tony Meredith

Choreographer for "So You Think You Can Dance"


As a UK citizen with US residency and a business owner with interests in both the US and the UK, my tax situation can be complicated. Peller & Company provides a competent, professional service but with a highly personal approach. In an ever changing financial environment, they stay on top of new legislation and offer solid advice for tax planning, working with our UK accountant to ensure accurate and timely filings in both jurisdictions. In dealing with the IRS, Robert Peller’s experience is invaluable. He has extensive knowledge of tax law and is not afraid to challenge the IRS if he feels the case demands it, in our case bypassing the bureaucracy and settling the case both favorably and efficiently.

Ann Rollett


Robert Peller and his team at Peller and Company have been so much more valuable to us than simply another “accounting” firm. Their level of care and attention to our needs is an honest representation of how they respect each and every client as a member of their own family. Whether it is expertise in federal and state tax matters, executing and preparing audit materials, bridging relationships and enhancing value through networking with clients – Peller and team are an integral part of our company and we truly enjoy working with them.

Itai Shoffman

Executive Producer

Upsilon Ventures

Bryant Park Promotions


I have been working successfully with Rob Peller and his team for over a decade. Rob has been so much more than a CPA for both my film production company and my family’s financial needs. He has been an business advisor, a confidant and someone I have really come to rely on and trust. As a small business owner himself he fully understands what it takes to run and maintain a successful business. Rob not only handles my personal and business needs with expertise and professionalism, but he is invested and cares about my company, my family and me. He himself has put together a competent team to support him in his own business that is a pleasure to work with.  I have learned a great deal from Rob and am grateful to have his knowledge and support. 

Jennifer Munley


Mr. Peller's guidance and ability to explain complex matters, has been invaluable in helping us making important business decisions"

"Mr. Peller's expertise extends beyond just accounting principles.  He is is a trusted business advisor that has helped us navigate the complexities of due diligence and analyzing various other opportunities that have presented themselves.  

"Having Mr. Peller (Rob) on our team gives us the peace of mind of knowing that he understands our business and provides holistic guidance based on that understanding."

John Reilly




The team at Peller and Company understands entrepreneurs and the needs of a fluid, flexible enterprise that's as much personal as it is business. That's because they are entrepreneurs themselves--fast-moving, service-oriented partners who want their clients to succeed nearly as much as we want it ourselves! Working with Peller and Company means never having to hear, "sorry, we can't help you."

Lewis Schiff


Advanced Planning Group


As a commercial director I work extensively abroad and most of the times my invoices are sent to production companies of different countries with extremely different tax rules and procedures. Robert has been able to navigate business set ups and tax compliances on the international level and saving me lots of headaches! His staff is definitely on top of it and they always make me feel their support in each and every step of my job, and most importantly, they always do it with a smile. (Paolo A. Monico, Commercial and Film Director - Brooklyn, NY)

Paolo Monico

Pogo Piggybackers, Inc


After trying many accountants over the years, once I met Rob Peller I knew found the best of the best. Rob was invaluable in helping me as I transitioned into freelance work and started my own company, and over the years he's become a truly trusted business advisor and a reassuring presence. He's a pleasure to work with.

Samir Patel
Director, Reformer Films


Peller and Company has always been there whenever we’ve needed them, regardless of whether the matter has been large or small.  Whether it’s proactively planning our year-end budget and tax strategy, successfully representing us in audits, or getting agencies to retract erroneous charges, one thing is constant – we know we can rely on Peller and Company to go to bat for us and consistently get the job done.

Rob Peller is not only a brilliant accountant and personal friend, he has the people skills and common sense to give realistic, actionable advice.  We view our relationship with Peller and Company as a long-term partnership, and know they feel the same way.

Boaz Salik

President, Eagle Stone Advisors LLC