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Our leading edge as a boutique financial management firm allows our clients to benefit from on demand access to tenured professionals who provide executive-level consulting and financial reporting professionalism. We are readily equipped to design and execute reporting structures that allow for strategic implementation of both immediate and long term growth goal strategizing. This is especially helpful to those companies undergoing rapid and significant change.

At Peller and Company, we recognized a long time ago that our clients trusted and respected our advice and opinions on a whole range of subjects, not limited to tax issues. In properly designing a full suite of financial management strategies we felt strongly that retirement planning and wealth management had to be integrated on a usable and holistic platform; The Circle of Life.

The Circle of Life provides a usable format that explores all critical and relevant areas of an individual or business life. It delves into the typical life cycle for all of us including home ownership, kids and education planning, risk management, retirement savings for accumulation and distribution stages, estate planning and finally the dream of enjoyable and fulfilling retirement. At the helm of all of these discussions is the effect taxes will have on this Circle both today and tomorrow. At the heart of the Circle is you, our client.